Covid 19 is thinning the thinnest margins in Parking, what can we do about it?

The parking industry has some of the thinnest profit margins known to the business world. Never has this been more true than today. The COVID-19 impact has seen revenues drop as much as 97% in North America. Some estimates believe it may take 18+ months to fully recover. Several of the best-known prognosticators are saying some elements will never be the same. We at Parking Whisperer believe the recovery is underway and the time to act is now.

Parking Whisperer clients have the benefit of a ready resource to examine every aspect of their operation that is current, unencumbered, and laser-focused on each aspect of their parking operation. There is no conflict of what is best for the client, or the operator, the technology provider, or your tenant. With or without an operator, you need to understand touchless, painless, gateless, or how best to adapt today.

Operators and clients, large and small have been impacted and the first area impacted has been payroll. Managing by spreadsheet may be a successful method when garages are full and business is good, but what about today, and more importantly, tomorrow? Recently (March 2020) several of the largest operators in North America furloughed virtually every Vice President in their entire organization.  This was an understandable short term move, given revenues have dropped precipitously. The question now? Who is providing recommendations and taking action to recover quickly, intelligently, and with the longest-lasting recovery at those locations? Let’s give the operators and their clients the support that is best for the industry.

Is one of those locations yours? Are you an operator that has been required to make the draconian cuts, or a client that is looking for a well-executed move to a touchless operation yet having an in-touch manager with the vision to clarify what success looks like in Q3 and beyond?

Parking Whisperer is one of the few operational consultants that works well alongside parking operators to provide our clients with guaranteed results that provide the best Opportunities long term success.

Parking Whisperer is prepared to answer these questions, and for amazing value with an impressive return on investment. Love your operator but the pressure is on like never before? Give your operator a fresh perspective and new tools. Need a new operator but don’t want the hassle of a full-blown RFP? Not sure what you need but you need to know for sure?

The first call and initial plan of action are free. The next steps are guaranteed.