Parking, Transportation, Mobility, and Parking Technology: How hard can this all really be?

Our Approach

Parking and Parking-Related needs are one of those industries that truly is infinitely complex, challenging, and frustrating. It can also be very profitable and the critical First and Last Impression.

Parking, Parking Technology, Mobility, and their cohesion are the First and Last Impression for your customers, employees, and passersby, and it is made or broken more than one business (this week).

Our approach is simple, yet effective.

Step One: We Listen.

We listen to you, your employees, your customers, and all of the involved stakeholders.

Step Two: We Listen Again.

We talk to YOU, our client, about what we have heard so far, and learn about your goals, budget, constraints, expectations, and timeline.

Step Three: We Share.

We share with you what your options are based on Steps One and Two and our secret sauce. That sauce is decades of parking and logistical expertise from our Whisperer Leadership Team with proven results and specific examples.
We won't just share with you what we think we should do, we will share where it works, where it doesn't, and how to succeed.

Step Four: We make it happen.

Your business or organization takes our book of secrets, and together we succeed to meet your every goal.

Bonus Round: Referrals.

You let us know who else needs our assistance, and you share in their success.

Meet the Whisperer


John Oglesby

Founder & CEO

I bring 30+ years of parking, transportation, technology, and team leadership through CEO, COO, PM, and SVP roles to technology development, parking, and consulting. My focus is achieving results through aligning business strategies and priorities. I specialize in improving organizational processes, driving implementations, and motivating positive change to drive adoption/business development, and client retention programs.

We Can Help

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